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I, John Bessems, was born July 21th, 1970 in the south part of the Netherlands, in Heerlen where I have lived my whole life.
Interested in World War II (WWII) since I was a little boy. I've visited several battlefields and other historical sites. In 2006, I launched the first version of this personal website to report on an inspiring trip to Normandy and the adoption of the grave of WWII soldier SS Steven Revilock at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, the Netherlands and later the adoption of the grave of PFC Troy Mitchum jr. at Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial in Neupre Belgium and John J Stibitz at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.
At this newest version of my website, I do not only share some further information about WWI and WWII, but I also want to give a glimpse of my other interests: Alfa Romeo, photography, traveling, and, last but not least, hiking.
I hope you enjoy our website, and find it useful and informative.

Cheers, John

Contact: johnbessems@hotmail.com

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