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France, Basse-Normandy

It was in September that I made a journey to Normandy and the weather was good for the time of the year. Our first stop was in Evreux, an historic capital town in Normandy. Though an important commercial and market center, the city itself does not offer very much for the tourist who is especially interested in WWII. The second part of our trip was a visit to the impressive Normandy Beaches and the Colleville American Cemetery. On visiting this cemetery, the impact WWII had on many families hit me and I felt the need to do something for all those people who offered their lives during this war .
So after the trip we adopted two graves of soldiers who served in the 5th Infantry Regiment, 71st Infantry Division. For those two men I made my first website. Through this website, I've got in contact with several nice people, among them the daughter of one of the soldiers who is burried in Margraten, Pfc Harry W Heiberger. On invitation of her husband, I recently (Spring 2011) had an inspiring video conversation with a group of high school students from the U.S.A. , about WWII, the impact this war had on Dutch society, and about (my) living in the Netherlands.