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Landgoed Avegoor

After I booked the weekend and went on the internet to find out more about Landgoed Avegoor I found out that one of my hobbies, WWII, was imbetted in the history of it. The Landgoed was used as a workcamp for Dutch Jews and a trainingcamp for the Dutch SS. After WWII it was a prisson for collaborators. Then it became a holidayresort for The Union of Officials. Then the Union solled it and it became a Hotel.
There're a lot of nice things nearby to visit:
These're the ones we visited:

  • Park Hoge Veluwe

  • Het Kröller-Müller Museum

  • Burgers Zoo, Arnhem

  • These are the pictures from Saterday: Hoge Veluwe & Kröller-Müller Museum