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Chronicles of a
Happy Warrior

France, Calvados, Basse-Normandy, Saint-Vaast-sur-Seu

One of the most important dates of the last century was 06-06-1944, D-Day. The day that the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy. The operation was called Overlord and coverd five beachheads and they were called Omaha, Gold, Sword, Juno and Utah. The total invasionforce needed 156.205 men and women. The operation ended with the liberation of Paris on the 25 of august 1944.

The entire liberation of Europe reguired 3.000.000 allied men and women. There're 200.000 that got killed or wounded. They never have been able to say how many got killed or wounded.

For me this journey starts in december 2008 when I read a message from Chris Skipper, from the USA, who was looking for a photo from the grave-stone of his father in law Pfc Harry Heiberger. I made a few photo's and this film.
Then in november 2009 I met Chris and Linda at the Cemetery in Margraten were Linda visited the Grave of her father. After that we stayed in contact and in 2011 he asked me if I wanted to talk to some of his students, over the internet, about my website and life.
Then Jasper van Haren, facebookpage, went to The Normandy in June, 2011 and I saw the photo's and the wheels got in motion. I wanted to go to The Normandy for The 68 anniversary of D-Day.

The websites I used for information are www.strijdbewijs.nl and www.normandy1944.info

"The celebration of the 68th anniversary of D-day on June 6th 1944 at the Normandy was far beyond our expectations: the para-dropping at La Fiere was absolutely impressive and a visit to the villages and the re-enactment brought us back to June 1944. A must visit for every WWII enthusiast, especially at June 6th, is the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, overlooking Omaha beach."

The Pictures

D-Day 1 D-Day 2 D-Day 3 D-Day 4 D-Day 5

The Movie

The Parachute drops in the marshlands of La Fiere, "68 Anniversaire du debarquement en Normandie june 1944 2012"

Market Garden 2012

After posting this movie on You Tube I got in contact with ParaGroupHolland and there was the possibility to fly with them in a Dakota C-47 for Market Garden. I made the donation and got the invitation to fly with them on the 22 of September in the Dakota C-47 Drag em Oot, this C-47 flew on D-Day. It is something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life.

The Pictures

The Movie

My flight with the C-47 Drag-em-oot